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The Floppy Hat For Your Next Pool Day

If you're anything like me then you love to spend your summer by the pool. Being outdoors, getting a tan, enjoying the sunshine - I mean, what else is better? Besides being at the beach, the beach is always better.. am I right or am I right.

But if there's one thing that bugs me about laying out it's the sun blinding me. Throwing a shirt over your face only works when you want to nap and sunglasses are the result of weird tan lines, which is why I love a good floppy hat. It keeps the sun out of my face, doesn't cause tan lines, and allows me to read a book.. #winning. 

Next time you're in the Downtown Lancaster area make sure you stop into Nicole Taylor for a variety of cute floppy hats. The sun won't be ruining your next day spent poolside. 


 Until next time..