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Welcome to Nicole Taylor Boutique, where fashion meets ethical empowerment. With her effervescent personality, Nicole Vasquez dedicates herself to curating a collection of stunning, ethically made clothing that celebrates the beauty of women.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Lancaster, PA, Nicole's childhood was infused with the rich tapestry of local culture. Despite her "tomboy" inclinations during her early years, Nicole's innate fashion sense gradually emerged, and she began to experiment with combining contemporary trends and timeless wardrobe staples in her teenage years.

Nicole's talent for creating captivating outfits quickly caught the attention of her classmates, who eagerly sought her guidance in cultivating their own unique styles. From selecting clothes to applying makeup, Nicole became the go-to stylist for dances, interviews, and every occasion in between. As her passion for fashion grew, it became a defining aspect of her life.

In 2012, at the youthful age of 23, Nicole embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, opening her first store, That Shuu Girl, on East King Street in downtown Lancaster. Catering to her peers—confident, street-wise women seeking flirty and fashion-forward ensembles—Nicole's boutique became a haven of trendsetting allure. Her ambition and knack for stocking the perfect items drew a fashion-savvy clientele who sought out clothes, shoes, accessories, and a level of sophistication that set her boutique apart. Nicole's business acumen was recognized with a feature in Susquehanna Style and the esteemed Young Influencer award from the Lancaster Young Professionals.

As Nicole's sense of style evolved alongside her customers, she made a decision in 2017 to embark on a new chapter. Closing the doors of That Shuu Girl, Nicole unveiled Nicole Taylor Boutique on the bustling 300 Block of North Queen St, in The Keeple Building. This second venture showcased a refined and polished aesthetic, offering an exquisite range of jewelry, elegant wardrobe essentials, and tasteful household items for women of all ages.

At Nicole Taylor Boutique, beauty is not just skin-deep—it extends to the principles of ethical and sustainable production. Nicole thoughtfully curates her store, ensuring that every item aligns with her commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. From tracing the origins of materials to scrutinizing the treatment of workers by producers, Nicole ensures that shopping at her boutique allows women to make a positive impact on both themselves and the planet.

While Nicole Vasquez approaches her work with professionalism, her love for life and lightheartedness shine through. Refusing to take herself too seriously, she finds joy in laughter and meaningful conversations. Feel free to visit the store and immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming environment, where you can connect with Nicole, explore the world of fashion, celebrate women, and redefine your personal style with confidence.

Step into Nicole Taylor Boutique and experience the intersection of style, ethics, and a touch of whimsy. Discover a place where you can look and feel beautiful while making a difference in the world.


Nicole Vasquez, Founder

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