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About Us

Bubbly, silly, and full of style, Nicole Vasquez spends her days curating ethical clothing that makes women feel beautiful for her store, Nicole Taylor Boutique.

Nicole was born in Lancaster, PA, and spent her whole childhood and adolescence growing up and soaking in the vibrant culture of the city. A self-described “tomboy” in her early years, Nicole refused to wear anything girly well into middle school, swearing off makeup and frilly clothes. As she grew older, though, she realized she had a great eye for fashion and style, so as she entered her teen years, she started pairing current fads with timeless staples in her personal wardrobe.

Classmates soon noticed Nicole’s knack for putting together head-turning outfits and asked her to help them develop their own style. From picking out clothes to applying their makeup, Nicole styled her friends for dances, interviews, and everything in between. Next thing she knew, picking out clothes became her life’s passion.

In 2012, at the age of just 23, Nicole opened her first store, That Shuu Girl, on East King Street in downtown Lancaster. Nicole focused the inventory in the store on her peers -- young, street-wise women looking for a flirty and fashion-forward city-inspired get-up. Her ambition and charisma in stocking her boutique drew trendy young women in for clothes, shoes, accessories, and a sense of savvy no one else in Lancaster could offer. As her business acumen proved truer, she landed a story in Susquehanna Style about her store and the Young Influencer award from the Lancaster Young Professionals.

Nicole’s sense of style and fashion grew with her customers, so in 2018, she closed That Shuu Girl and opened a brand new store. Nicole Taylor Boutique, On The 300 Block of North Queen St, in The Keeple Building. Nicole’s sophomore venture provides a more professional, polished aesthetic than her original store. From jewelry to household items to classy, sleek wardrobe items, the new Queen-street store offers fine goods and garments to women of all ages.

Not only does her merchandise make women feel beautiful, it makes the Earth feel good, too. Nicole carefully curates her store to comprise of ethically and sustainably-made goods. As a part of her purchasing process, Nicole closely examines the history of what she sells at her store, from where the materials come from to how the producers treat their workers. That way, women can do good and feel good at the same time by shopping at the Boutique.

Nicole Vasquez loves life and loves to be silly. She refuses to let herself take life too seriously and finds herself laughing and chatting more often than she’s stressing out about business worries. Stop in the store anytime to hang out with her, talk fashion, talk women, or to redefine your style for good.


Nicole Vasquez, Founder

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