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How to Dress for Desk to Girls Night

After you've been in the same work environment for so long, you eventually get yourself into a solid routine. But sometimes last minute plans come up that leave you running out of the office trying to make your girls night or dinner plans on time and stopping by the house to change isn't even an option. Here are a few simple tips to transform your office look to chic attire.

1. Pick one piece to base your entire look around, something that's easy to transform. For this look I chose this gorgeous top because it can be transformed so many ways!

2. Dress for the office. I dressed this top up with pink dress pants and nude heels. I also added some gold statement earrings. All office appropriate!

3. Pack for later. All I did was swap out every piece besides the top for some everyday wear. A pair of cropped denim and flats are always a good go-to. I also went with a pair of statement earrings that made the shirt pop, but still kept things casual.

Basically if you pick one statement piece that you can transform from work to everyday casual wear, it's really that simple! 

Until next time..