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'Kiss Me Good' 100% Silk Twill Scarf


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Kiss me good, kiss me quick! The perfect silk scarf for a night out? Imagine one of these 'Kiss Me Good' silk scarves with a leather jacket, ink and boots out on the town.

Scarf size - 60x60cm

100% high-quality silk twill, 100% gorgeous, and proudly shipped from the US.

care For Silk

For best results, store in the box this gorgeous scarf arrived in and try to avoid any jewelry accessories or makeup that may catch on its fine, delicate surface.

Ideally, let a professional dry cleaner handle the scarf but if you find a last-minute stain before you head out to rock the town, here's what we suggest:

Get your sink prepared by cleaning to perfection, then fill it up, baby! We're using cold to body temperature water as not to damage the silk's high quality. Grab yourself a specialized silk liquid soap and be super gentle with how much you're using. Staying delicate, you want to squeeze, and massage your scarf and VERY lightly rub on any mark you find.

Done? Beautiful. Now rinse, rinse, rinse with cold water! Don't let any soap bubbles stick around; you'll lose that beautiful soft touch.

To dry, we love to treat it special, laying it flat on a towel, folding, and pressing the water out softly. We're almost there! Hang your scarf and let it dry naturally. Whip out the iron as we take out those ugly creases. We generally suggest a medium heat but PLEASE start lower if you're unsure at first - there will most likely be a silk setting. Make sure the base is clean and get pressing! We'd also recommend flipping your luxurious scarf on it's back and iron this side first. The only thing worse than a stain is a burn!

Now your scarf is all clean and fresh, get out there and take on the day in style x

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