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Fresh Press Coffee Candle


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French Press Coffee EO

Size 6oz Tin

We are proud to present our limited edition French Press Coffee candle! Using the finest cold-pressed essential oils from the Coffea arabica, this premium oil has been sourced from Brazil. It has the most delicious coffee aroma you can imagine!


The French Press Coffee is offered in the  6 oz tin only and has a burn time of approximately 20-25 hours. 

 Essential oil candles have a very light scent when burned. Please do not expect it to fill a room with scent.


We have found that the optimal burn for our candles is achieved with a short wick. Our wicks burn best when they are trimmed to approximately 1/4." This will require you to periodically trim the wick. No special tools are needed! This can be done by snapping the burnt ends off with your fingers. If your flame gets larger than 1 ½”, please extinguish the candle and allow it to cool. Once your candle cools, you can trim your wick to approximately ¼” to ½”. Remove the wick trimmings before relighting your candle. Please see the About Us Page for more candle burning tips.

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