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SINGLE PIECE  Earcuff & Stud Earclimber combo ∙ Waterproof 18K Carat Gold / Pure 925 Silver ∙ 3mm round earstud, adjustable 1cm earcuff  ∙ Stud piercing ∙ Lightweight, everyday staple  ∙ Gift Box packaging ∙ Nickel-free, Hypoallergenic ∙ Sustainably produced ∙ Carbon neutral free shipping ◄The Design Level Up your everyday studs with an earcuff You like your earstack a little different and standing out? There's no easier way to level up your earstack than with this instant combo. Finish your stack with a basic stud, with a chain climber to an earcuff. The earcuff requires no piercing, so you can layer it anywhere in your ear that suits you best.  Freely adjustable in size. Ultra-resistant and thick layer of pure 18k Carat gold plating, with pure 925 Silver. Hypoallergenic, and waterproof, made to be worn everyday. 

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